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Prop Hunt Rules
Game Rules
Updated 7/20/15 - Updated exploitations punishment rule

1. Don't mic spam/chat spam
-It's easy to follow this rule, if you're asked to stop then stop.

2. Don't disrespect others
-This includes racial slurs, or anything of the sort.

3. No hacking/cheating/exploiting
-If our anticheat didn't get you, you will be permanently banned. No exceptions on this one.

4. Don't have offensive sprays
-We're pretty open to most sprays, but if you've got a pornographic one, or one that really offended another player, you need to remove it.

5. Don't advertise on our server
-This means any advertisement. Whether it be another server, or a website, don't do it.
-Also, don't post website links in chat, unless its not advertising. If it is a spam link, there will be consequences.

6. Don't beg admins to do something, or to take action on something
-If you're annoyed with a player, bring it up to them in admin chat. Don't go spamming or yelling "BAN THIS KID HE'S ANNOYING" probably won't be getting you anywhere.
-This also includes obeying admins.

7. Don't beg for points
-This is the same as any other server. If you want points, you can play and get them over time, or donate to the server.

8. Stay out of an admin's business
-This means if they were to ban someone or a steamID, don't repeatedly ask "WHO WAS THAT" or if they are slaying someone don't continuously ask "WHY DID YOU DO THAT"
-Don't worry about it if it doesn't concern or have to do with you

9. Do not scam, sell, or trade any items on our servers
-This is a zero tolerance policy. If you come in here and your steam name is something to do with selling or trading cards or whatever you have it as, you'll be asked to change it. If you do not, you will be kicked.
-If you are openly trading and attempting to sell items on our servers, you will be asked to stop. If you do not, you will be kicked.
-Do not trade/sell/buy in general, and do not attempt to exchange your items for points on our server.

10. Do not talk about anything that is generally highly offending to the average group of players (Mostly illegal actions)
-Examples would be talking about morbid stuff in a non-joking manner, including direct threats.

11. If using voice/text chat, please know the server's language of English.

-If you are talking to your friends in a language nobody understands specifically on our server, you will probably be muted/gagged. Please use other means of communication for this if you wish.

12. If you came here specifically to troll as a group, you will be permanently banned from our servers
-We have a zero tolerance rule against troll groups.
-If you came here to purposely waste your time, why would you need to be let back here?

Server Specific Rules

1. No ghosting of any kind
-You all have access to all chat (probably why its called allchat), and do not abuse this. An example of this would be if you were on the prop team, and you tell the hunters in allchat where other props are. This will give you an immediate mute/gag for the remainder of the match. If you do this again, you will be kicked. If you continue, you will be banned.
-This also goes for outside sources, such as skype or steam chat. It's obvious when you do it, so avoid doing this with your friends as it ends in trouble for you.

2. No delaying
-Don't delay rounds purposely. People are dead and waiting on you.
-An example of this is if you are the last hunter and you know for a fact where the last prop is but you're purposely not killing him, you will probably get slain.

3. Don't exploit maps
-This applies to when there is a spot in the map that can make you unreachable by the hunters. This is not allowed, and you will be teleported out after warning if you do not move.
You are now banned for a week or longer without warning if you had purposely exploited/glitched out of the map.

4. Don't team switch repeatedly
-This can be for various reasons, but the two main ones are the following:
-It makes us think you're ghosting, such as switching to the prop team and switching back to tell the hunters where they are. This is not allowed.
-Avoiding being on a certain team. If you're going to avoid being a hunter, too bad. Being on a side is part of the game. Why are you playing it if you didn't want to do that?


Q: How do I get out of spectator mode?
A: When you first join you are prompted to select a team, if you somehow closed this or picked spectator, press F2 to bring up the selection menu. If F2 does not work for you, press F1 and click select team. If neither of those work for you, get a better keyboard with F keys.

Q: How do I play Prophunt?
A: Glad to see you're trying out a prophunt server, or you've been in some but you just don't know anything. Press F1 for a full guide that covers the basics. You can search for more information online.

Q: Can I be an admin?
A: no
You can also apply here if you'd like

Q: I saw a player ghosting repeatedly, or they were exploiting to get into spots, how do I report them if there was no admin online to see this?
A: Go to this subforum and read the instructions to report them. Try and include as much information as possible.

Q: How can I mute a player's mic for me if they are annoying?
A: Type !players into chat to bring up the playerlist. You can select specific players to mute or all at once.

Q: How can I talk to an admin?
A: Type @ and then your message, this will send it to all admins on the server at that time if there are any online.

Spoiler: Punishments
These are mainly for admin reference and situations, however all players may view these at any time. This list varies and changes between all of our gamemodes.

Mic spam/chat spam - If a player is noticeably using his/her mic or chat far too much for reasons nobody really cares about, or is highly annoyed with; gag/mute for about 10-15 minutes. If they continue, kick. If they come back after one kick and continue to do so, ban them with your own judgement. Usually about close to a day for mic/chat spam. If it's advertisement spam, add a couple days to it.

Disrespect to players/admins - Follow the same routine as mic/chat spam, and if they do not stop, ban them for about the same amount as above.

Hacking - No exceptions, permanently ban them if our anti-cheat did not catch them.

Exploiting - If they are not hacking/cheating, but are exploiting a part of the map, warn them to stop, if they do not stop, teleport them away from it. If they continue to go back and do it, slay them. Even after that, if they still continue, kick them. It can escalate from there.
Map exploitations are now a zero-warning deal, and you ban them on the spot for 1 week or longer if you have confirmed they did glitch/exploit out of the map or something related to it.

Camping/Hiding - Warn them to stop camping via psay if you're dead, which chances are you will be. If they do not move after the one warning, teleport them. Usually you'll be tp'ing them to the center of the map. If they continue to camp/hide, slay them.

Consistent Team Switching - Warn the player to stop team switching so often if it starts getting suspicious. If they do not listen to your warning and continue to do so, kick them from the game. If they rejoin and still continue to do this, ban them for around 1 day.

Ghosting - This applies to TTT/PH/DR, but in different variations.

PH: Just about everything from TTT applies here, except for it's not traitors and innocents, its props and hunters. Ghosting in PH would refer to where a prop is hiding, or hinting at where they are hiding. In PH it can be taken a little bit less seriously, but still as enforceable. If they do the chat/voicechat ghosting routine, mute/gag on the spot. If they continue after unmute/ungag, kick them. If they come back and still continue, ban for 5 days. If it is another skype situation, it will be harder to pick out in PH than it is in TTT. Try your hardest, and for this type of ghosting, skip mute/gag and go straight to kick. Make sure your suspicions are correct.

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