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Jim Leahys SAR Suggestion
What you want added: I would like the loadout of S&R to be Health Kit, Defibs, Fire Axe, Fire Extinguisher, Police Shield, Smoke Grenades??, The ability to drag a dead body.
Why we should add it: At this moment, S&R doesn't have a loadout so we cant to much, they are an EMS/FireDept. Sub department so the health kit and defibs would be for obviously the medical aspect and the Fire axe and extinguisher if we have to deal with flames to get to a patient, the police shield and smoke grenade would be used as our protection in cases like a armed bank robbery where we would need to protect ourselves, and the ability to drag a dead body out of these situations would be really important to S&R.

Links to available content (if any): None
yes i agree
S&R is not a tactical department. They don't need Smoke grenades, or shields, or any fire gear.

They already have (I think?) Medical gear - the whole point is that if you die without a life alert, nobody knows where you are. S&R will patrol the map and look closely for bodies.
that fine and we still don't have gear yet but what happens if there are no ems on? would SAR take medical juristiction?
S&R will not count towards medics - so if no EMS are online, the 15 second respawn timer will take effect.
If EMS is online, and someone dies without a life alert, it is your job to patrol the map. The only issue is, you don't know when they will die, or where.
Is there any was to fix that issue?

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