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9/17/2020 Changelogs
Oh boy it's been a while since we did one of these.
  • RADAR can be used inside by police officers - Front and back of the vehicle - shows speed, car model, and car owner, license plates, and if they're wanted.
  • LIDAR now prints the Vehicle Speed, Owner, and Vehicle Model.
  • Admin wrench now fills fuel for vehicles and gets rid of immediate fires from the vehicle itself (not the spread).
  • Vehicles that explode now combust into flames.
  • Non CP jobs can no longer enter CP vehicles
  • fixed issue where staff could pick up players and their vehicles without noclipping
  • admin mode for founder rank (as of now)
  • Vehicles no longer autolock on exit
  • Entering a vehicle is now logged
  • If you are wanted and die, you drop all your items
  • If you are wanted and die with no items, you lose 3% of your wallet
  • You can now do !/id, or !/showid to hand over your identification. (!/ means ! or /)
  • In order to play gun dealer you must have 2 hours on the server
  • Players who join for the first time are now assigned a random name
  • Being tazed now plays an effect
  • You can no longer be tazed with a weapon out
  • Fixed a bug where you could crash while scrolling with the weapon wheel the moment you die
  • You can now drive stun by holding the secondary attack button
  • Bodily function commands added
  • Various UI changes to the scoreboard.
  • License plate visual changes
  • Seatbelt system with icons. If you crash without a seatbelt on, you will be ejected from the vehicle. Works for both driver and passenger(s). You must take off your seatbelt to exit the vehicle and/or switch seats.
  • Admin system no longer shows if X enabled noclip if in a vehicle.
  • Suit zoom (+zoom) has been disabled
  • Wanted reasons can not be shorter than 5 characters
  • Mayor now receives a percentage of the lottery winnings
  • Buying entities should now belong to you instead of "world"
  • Backend gamemode changes - ply:isFirefighter is now a thing
  • Only firefighters can enter firetrucks now
  • Fixed an issue with mysql databases
  • Flashlight overhaul
  • Anticheat edits + bug fixes
  • Various Optimizations
  • C4 can now attach to any prop and unfreezes props within an area

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